Wholesale dark Violet color Glass lotion Bottle

Wholesale dark violet color glass lotion bottle in with huge stocks. The flawless bottle is made by auto-machine, high capacities with world class quality.

Uzone is the exclusive surplier of the round shoulder bottle shape series. Offering the most competitive quotation and prompt shipping service.



40 ton furnace, 200000 bottles per day, 4 row and column machines, single drop line, 50000 bottles per day.

Advanced temperature control equipment controls the temperature of each stage of bottle annealing to ensure the toughness of the product.

Patrol inspection of production line, full inspection of packing, full inspection before leaving factory to ensure the quality of products delivered to customers.
Full set of testing equipment, professional inspection knowledge training, to ensure the professionalism of all quality inspection personnel.


The glass bottles are relatively consistent in material selection, with more modeling designs, colorful production techniques, and diversified matching with bottle stoppers. Common bottle shapes include cylindrical, oval, flat, diamond, cone, etc., manufacturers will always meet Develop and design series product bottle shapes. The bottle processing technology has spray paint, full transparency, grinding yarn, transparent color tone, silk screen ink, hot stamping, hot silver and so on.

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